PM Reports: Standard Analysis options


Standard Analysis Options:

Standard Analyses offer many functions which enable you to target specific data for detailed analyses.

The information structures provide the data basis for the standard analyses:

=> You can specify the range of the data to be analyzed.

=> You can define the key figures or choose them interactively during the analysis itself.

Drill-down allows you to vary the detail of information.

=> You can specify the sequence in which the levels of information are displayed or you can follow the standard drill-down sequence.

=> At each level, you can carry out additional functions, including cummulative frequency curves, ABC analysis, correlation, classification, dual classification, and ranking lists.

=>All results can be displayed graphically.

The data selected for a standard analysis can be saved as a selection version.

=> Selection versions also enable you to pre define the way in which you view the data.

=>You can select data in the background any time.

You can access summary information in the information structure and branch into the display of master data and transaction data.