Rental Equipment via SAP Plant Maintenance with Service Notification




You are a Manufacturing company and you have Plant Maintenance equipment(s) like Freezers, and other types Refrigeration units that are assigned or rented by Mini-Marts, Malls, and the like to store all the goods that you produced as part of your service to your customers.

You want to monitor all the activities,services,parts incurred by your equipment and of course, to where it is assigned.

This can be done through SAP Plant Maintenance. Of course, we will not use the Maintenance Orders in Plant Maintenance but another part of SAP Plant Maintenance which is Customer Service. Here, we can avail of the Service Notifications , and Service Orders that can be integrated using the core modules of SAP, like Sales & Distribution ( SD ).

In order to do so, aside from doing the standard configuration in SAP, we must also build the Plant Maintenance Master Data. Like Functional Locations, aside from making the Functional Locations for your Plant, you will also need to design a Functional Location for your Customers ( i.e. FLOC for Maint Plant 1110 and the sub levels are customers ), Work Centers , Task Lists , etc.

The Plant Maintenance Process is the same but with a slight tweak, we will create a Sales Order first before creating  a Service Notification and the Settlement should be to the Sales order unlike in Maintenance Orders, they are settled directly to Cost Center:


 Below is a sample of a Service Notification:



Here, we can assign the Sales order, Equipment ( which automatically gets the Functional Location, Customer, the items used and tasks prior to the conversion to Service Order.






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