ImageA Catalog contains one or more code groups.  A code group is a list of codes such as reason for repair codes or part condition codes.

A catalog contains both code groups and selected sets:

  • A code group contains one or more codes.  Since each code is assigned to a code group, codes are often referred to as “group codes” in SAP.
  • A selected set contains a combination of different codes that originate from different code groups.
  • Codes make up the lowest level of the catalog. Codes are used in both code groups and selected sets.

ImageYou define codes in code groups and use the codes in selected sets (for example, to describe characteristic attributes such as colors, shapes, surface characteristics), defect causes, or usage decisions.

Keep the following points in mind:

  • You need the necessary authorization to perform these functions.
  • The screens may vary slightly depending on the function you are using.
  •   The individual field names may vary slightly.




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