ImageIf we set the Maintenance Order to TECO Status :

  • The maintenance order is given the status “technically completed”, that is, all maintenance work required on the order is designated as having being completed.
  • The maintenance order can then only be changed as follows:

– It can be locked and unlocked.

– The deletion flag can be activated.

  •  The location and account assignment data given to the maintenance order are fixed and can no longer be changed.  However, the order can still receive costs, for example invoices for material delivered and used.
  •  If no settlement rule has been maintained for the maintenance order it is creates automatically by the system.  Should this be impossible due to missing data, the system takes you to settlement rule maintenance (see settlement rule).
  •  All open purchase requisitions that still exists for the maintenance order are given a deletion indicator.
  •  All open reservations that still exist for the maintenance order are closed.
  • Capacities that have been planned for the maintenance order and that are still open, are closed.
  • The order data and the data from the maintenance notifications and usage histories are available in the maintenance history and can be used for the evaluation of the past work and the planning of new work.



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